We produce according to quality and environmental standards ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015. All our products are REACh compliant.

With the Assurance of TANUS GROUP

With the Assurance of TANUS GROUP

We develop and manufacture coated fabrics and technical tarpaulins

We produce and develop within the Tanus Group, which focuses on quality and innovation in the production of coated technical textiles.

We offer solutions for numerous applications such as textile architecture, halls and tents, biogas and water storage systems, truck and trailer bodies, and functional fabrics.

  • Architectural & Logistics Fabrics
  • Storage & Tent & Functional Fabrics

Lightness & Durability & Awareness

Tailored solutions for your needs.

The biggest advantage of membrane structures is their lightness and the diversification they offer in terms of design. This lightness is emphasized by the transparency of the membrane. Depending on the thickness and color of the membranes, it ensures that the daylight is illuminated homogeneously in the space, while it shines as an architectural object that can be seen from afar with appropriate interior lighting at night

Textile and Structural Fabrics

Functional areas with high quality, wide range of functional products


Halls and Tent Fabrics

All the functional solutions you are looking for in halls and tents


Storage Systems Fabrics

Hangars, Industrial storage areas


Truck and Trailer Trailer Fabrics

Maximum durability with high quality texture and color variations


We offer the most suitable solutions for your buildings 0 (342) 227 23 27


As a responsible manufacturer, its products are of the highest health and environmental Our main goal is to produce in accordance with the standards.

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Tanus Çadır Yapı San.Tic.Ltd.Şti., with the aim of producing high quality products and becoming a player in the international arena with its strong tent production infrastructure and knowledge blended with past experiences. was established.

2009-2010 TRADE & PLANNING

The work area was expanded and international negotiations started. The construction of production facilities in Tanus started. R & D studies were carried out on the development of the sector, and a production facility planning was made with the right product and the right production logic.


On 10.000 m2 land, 6100 m2 of which will be used as an open area of 3900 m2, the production facility has been set up and production has started. In the same year, agreements were made with international aid organizations and the production of emergency disaster tents started. The position of the supply company of the leading aid organizations affiliated to the United Nations was reached.


Determining its position in international trade, Taunus started to work in the Far East, Europe and Africa continents in the same years.


It has become Turkey's largest and integrated tent production facility. Combining all the products it produces with the logic of top quality production and the most efficient use, Tanus continues to guide the tent industry as a company that sets the way and contributes to the development of the sector in Turkey's tent sector.


Customer and corporate companies


Military Field Applications


Disaster Services